My colourful back story.

I started out drawing with pencil, charcoal and pastels as a kid, my art teacher taught me to "knock in" the broad strokes, fill the page edge to edge. He'd refer to strong art as "brave". Bravery was everything, even when it went wrong, if the art showed courage Mr. Taylor would commend it highly. While I displayed my work in a couple of UK galleries, I soon found interest in more popular art and I dabbled with 80s airbrush techniques, designed logos, stationary and signage for an early income.

Out of the blue I was commissioned to brand NEXT plc by their sourcing office in Hong Kong. I was assigned NEXT directory's seasonal fashion catalogues to design as well. At that time it was all about bromides, colour separations and camera ready artwork. That, and hours spent at the printer's sweating over, plates, inks and tight registration! Watching a perfect print roll off the press, cut, fold and bound - there was something sacred about it, just like art.

I found Photoshop and CorelDraw and began to use both for personal and professional projects. The stuff was magic, although at first it felt like cheating! Two years later a colleague encouraged me to try Flash, which, within a week, became an obsession. Flash - eat - sleep, repeat.

A boom time for Web 1.0 I was sought out by AstraZeneca to work as their new media designer for the branding department. In the millennium I worked for several central London digital marketing agencies as an art director. These were exciting opportunities to produce creative for corporates we all know and respect, from mobile, airports, cosmetics to cars and cinema.

Along the way I threw myself head first into fashion photography too. Having been mesmerized by luxurious magazine adverts from childhood, photography was inevitable. It got passionate. I photographed for ad agencies as well as gaining personal contracts in fashion, eye wear, jewellery, cosmetics and more.
I began to instruct fashion shoots and retouching. Offering courses in UK, Malta and Africa, much of my work has been published in top creative and photography magazines. Tear sheets tend to go down well in interviews.

Discovering further interests in After Effects, 3d modelling and audio/video editing I designed gaming environments and characters, promotion videos and soundtracks. With Flash having lost industry favour, After Effects offered a new beginning in animation and special effects.